Ricardo Lloyd, MD

Ricardo Lloyd, MD, PhD

Co-director, Pathology and Biospecimen Core

Dr. Lloyd is the director of the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center’s Translational Science BioCore (TSB). His research interest in thyroid tumors has involved pathological and molecular analyses of tumor development and progression. His prior major research interest was in pituitary and neuroendocrine tumors, and this research was NIH-funded for more than two decades. He has used molecular approaches to characterize BRAF mutations in thyroid tumors using cytologic and histologic specimens and has analyzed the role of TGFB1 expression in thyroid tumor progression. His laboratory has also examined the role of the HMGA2 and insulin-like growth factor II mRNA binding protein 3 (IMP3) gene expression in separating benign and malignant thyroid neoplasm using quantitative RT-PCR analysis. They have used histopathological and molecular studies to characterize new variants of thyroid carcinomas such as the papillary variant with prominent hobnail features, which is associated with a higher degree of mortality than the usual papillary thyroid carcinomas. His laboratory has extensive experience in cell culture using cell lines and primary tumors. His laboratory has studied microRNA expression in human endocrine tumors, including carcinoid tumors and pituitary tumors using qRT-PCR, immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization.  His extensive experience as the TSB director and as an expert surgical and endocrine pathologist will contribute to his role as co-director of the Wisconsin Head and Neck SPORE Biospecimen/Pathology Core.


Fellowship, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Pathology (1981)

Residency, University of Wisconsin, Pathology (1980)

PhD, University of Wisconsin, Medicine (1975)

MD, University of Wisconsin, Medicine (1975)

BS, University of WI-Stevens Point, Biology (1968)

Academic Appointments

Director, TSB Biobank (Pres.)

Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (2010-present)

Selected Honors and Awards

2015 57th Maude Abbott Plenary Lecture at the Annual Meeting of the United States and Canadian academy of Pathology

2004-2005 President – United States Canadian Academy of Pathology (10,000 Member Organization of Pathologists)

1999-2000 Vernon F and Earline D Dale Professor, Mayo Clinic

1988-1993 Warthin/Weller Endowed Professor of Pathology at University of Michigan

1988 Faculty Member of Alpha Omega Alpha

Boards, Advisory Committees and Professional Organizations

2014 NIH Ad Hoc Reviewer- Integrative and Clinical Endocrinology and Reproduction (ICE)

2012 NIH Ad Hoc Reviewer 2012/10ZRG1 EMNR-H(02)M

2005-pres. Editor, Human Pathology

2002-2006 Member of Tumor Progression and Metastasis Study Section, NCI

Contact Information

, MD

600 Highland Avenue,
Madison, WI