Administrative Core


The Administrative Core provides the operational structure necessary for the planning, implementation and management of all SPORE activities. Its leadership and organizational supervision promotes the efficient, progressive and successful conduct consistent with the program goals and SPORE mission.

The Administrative Core provides a wide variety of administrative coordination, oversight and research support services to all leaders, co-leaders, investigators and core directors. By providing this support centrally, the Administrative Core promotes efficiency and ensures that all SPORE research and activities are focused and connected, complex scientific objectives are met and existing cancer center resources are utilized and not duplicated.

The Administrative Core also provides the oversight, monitoring and auditing required to ensure projects are meeting translational endpoints and reach a human application within five years, consistent with the SPORE mission.


Specific Aims:

  • Research – Scientific Management
  • Monitoring and Oversight
  • Clinical Research Application
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Collaborations and Sharing
  • Fiscal Management


Shari Piaskowski, BS
Administrative Manager

Heather Geye, MS
HNC Database Manager

Diana Trask, RN
Clinical Research Manager
Radiation Oncology Working Group




Committees and Boards:

SPORE Leadership Committee

Member Title
Paul M. Harari, MD, Chair Jack Fowler Professor of Human Oncology
Paul F. Lambert, PhD, Co-Chair Howard Temin Professor of Oncology
Gregory K. Hartig, MD, Co-Chair Professor of Otolaryngology, H&N Surgery
Susan L. Thibeault, PhD Diane Bless Chair of Otolaryngology
Earlise Ward, PhD Professor of Family Medicine, Director of UWCCC CHDI
Timothy M. McCulloch, MD Professor, Otolaryngology, H&N Surgery
Justine Y. Bruce, MD Associate Professor of Medicine
Ricardo Lloyd, PhD Emeritus Professor of Pathology
Marshall Flax HNC Patient Advocate
Menggang Yu, PhD Professor of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics
Nadine P. Connor, PhD Professor of Communicative Disorders and Surgery
David T. Yang, MD Professor of Pathology


External Advisory Board

Board Member Head & Neck Role Institution
Thomas E. Carey, PhD H&N Biologist University of Michigan
Jennifer R. Grandis, MD H&N Surgeon University of California, San Francisco
J. Silvio Gutkind, PhD H&N Biologist University of California, San Diego
Quynh-Thu Le, MD H&N Radiation Oncologist Stanford University
Jack J. Lee, DDS, PhD Statistician MD Anderson
Jacques E. Nor, DDS, PhD H&N Biologist University of Michigan
Lillian L. Siu, MD H&N Medical Oncologist Princess Margaret Hospital
Wendell G. Yarbrough, MD H&N Surgeon University of North Carolina

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Support to Program Goals and SPORE Mission

  • Ensure programmatic efficiency and oversight by administratively supporting the SEC and all SPORE activities, including the management of the strategic planning and implementation of scientific goals.
  • Implement administrative workflows to ensure the coordination and connection of all translational activities, communication between SPORE leaders and the exchange of data.
  • Manage the usage prioritization of UWCCC shared resources in support of the SPORE mission.


Support to Project Leaders

  • Facilitate the review, approval and execution of CDAs, MTAs and subcontracts.
  • Facilitate the development, activation and implementation of the clinical application.
  • Support the regulatory and operational clinical research imaging activities.
  • Assist with preparation of presentations.
  • Schedule and coordinate travel to required SPORE meetings.
  • Oversee and manage the project budgets, billings and fiscal planning.


Support to Developmental Research Program (DRP) Leaders

  • Ensure DRP RFAs are distributed campus wide.
  • Support the collaboration of DRP pilots both internal and external to the UW System.
  • Coordinate the review, scoring and selection process.
  • Systematically ensure DRP pilots are progressing with timely completion of aims and assessments for potential replacement of projects and new pilots are in the queue for SPORE DRP implementation.


Support to Career Enhancement Program (CEP) Leaders

  • Publicize the request for CEP applications through UW research venues.
  • Coordinate the application process.
  • Coordinate trainee progress reporting requirements with CEP Selection Committee.
  • Schedule annual evaluations, oral presentations and progress reports to CEP Selection Committee.
  • Track trainee participation in ethics, statistics and writing courses and meeting with mentors.
  • Promote recruitment of women and minorities.


Support to the Biostatistics/Data Management and Biospecimen/Pathology Cores

  • Coordinate communication, interactions and services between Core Leaders with leaders of the HN SPORE projects and CEP/DRP Programs.
  • Oversee and support the centralization, development and integration of the HN SPORE database and the Stats Core database into the Path Core database.
  • Support efforts for rigorous data collection and data management activities and ensure compliance with UWCCC, UW and NIH regulations and guidelines.
  • Support collaborations and interactions with the NCI and other HN SPORES.